Assembly Resources

On this page you will find background information and resources for the Citizens’ Assembly. We will be posting information and resources throughout the process. You can click on each file for a short description of its contents.

You will be able to find:

  1. Important Documents for the Citizens’ Assembly;
  2. Submissions from the Community;
  3. Background Learning Materials for the Citizens’ Assembly;
  4. Learning Program Materials for the Citizens’ Assembly.

You can also find more information and resources about community planning in Grandview-Woodland on the City of Vancouver website.

Learning materials prepared for, and presented to, Assembly members will be posted here as they become available.

Title Download
Andrew Pask, City of Vancouver (Part 2 of 2)
1 files    658 downloads
Andrew Pask, City of Vancouver (Part 1 of 2)
1 files    613 downloads
Michael Kluckner, historian, artist, writer and heritage advocate
1 files    663 downloads
Paul Cheng, Urban designer City of Vancouver (2 of 2)
1 files    637 downloads
Paul Cheng, Urban designer City of Vancouver (1 of 2)
1 files    674 downloads
Stu Lyon, Principal GBL Architects
1 files    782 downloads
Slides Meeting #4
1 files    360 downloads
Linking Heritage Preservation, Housing & Affordability
1 files    399 downloads
What is Zoning?
1 files    681 downloads
Big Ideas for Small Homes
1 files    333 downloads
Urban planners oppose lowering Vancouver’s demands to developers
1 files    727 downloads
Back and forth on Community Amenity Contributions (CACs)
1 files    384 downloads
The Silver Lining to Vancouver’s Homeownership Crisis
1 files    276 downloads
Our Community, Our Plan: Response to Questions
0 files    573 downloads
Saving Grandview’s Character & Its Affordable Suites & Green Heritage Homes
1 files    443 downloads
Slow Streets: A Complete Street on Commercial Drive?
1 files    696 downloads
The Socio-Spatial Implications of Labour
1 files    1680 downloads

Get the Final Report


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The Grandview-Woodland Citizens’ Assembly put local residents at the centre of the community planning process. Forty-eight randomly selected local residents and business owners met eleven times over nine months to learn, listen and put forward their recommendations concerning the future of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood. Download their final report here.