Observe the Assembly's Meetings

Everyone in the community is encouraged to observe the Assembly in action.

During the first stage of the Assembly, there were three observation sessions where the public was invited to learn alongside members of the Assembly: October 4, October 25 and November 22.

During the second stage of the Assembly, there were three more observation sessions during the Assembly’s learning sessions: Jan 24, Feb 28, and Mar 28.

The Assembly’s meeting are now devoted to drafting and mapping recommendations. They will discuss these recommendations with the broader community on Tuesday, May 5th at their Public Roundtable #3. Please register here to join the Assembly at the Croatian Cultural Centre, from 7pm to 10pm.



Get the Final Report


(High Resolution)

The Grandview-Woodland Citizens’ Assembly put local residents at the centre of the community planning process. Forty-eight randomly selected local residents and business owners met eleven times over nine months to learn, listen and put forward their recommendations concerning the future of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood. Download their final report here.