What is a Community Plan?

Community plans are official City documents that provide guidance on issues such as land use, urban design, housing, transportation, and community facilities. The new Grandview-Woodland Community Plan will set the terms for change and growth in the neighbourhood over the next 30 years.

The new community plan will influence what new buildings and developments arrive in the neighbourhood, what aspects of the neighbourhood are preserved, what public facilities are improved, and what new initiatives are begun. The new community plan will shape the future of the neighbourhood.

What’s Happened So Far

In April 2012, the City of Vancouver began the process of creating a new community plan for Grandview-Woodland. Over a year and a half, the City organized conversations, workshops, open houses, questionnaires and social media activities to generate community input. Over 7,500 people participated in these initial consultations.

In June 2013 the City released Emerging Directions (pdf) — a collection of draft policy directions and a proposed land-use map (pdf) for the neighbourhood. Although many of the policies in Emerging Directions were supported by the community, some of its proposals were strongly opposed.

Several important concerns arose regarding the types and sizes of future buildings, affordability for low and middle income residents, the use of streets and public spaces and the future of different parts of the neighbourhood. In particular, the community expressed concern about some of the proposals around Broadway and Commercial, Hastings Street, Nanaimo Street and Commercial Drive.

Continuing the Planning Process

The Community asked City Council to extend the planning process and consultations in order to resolve these outstanding concerns. In September 2013, City Council directed staff to extend the planning process in Grandview-Woodland and create a Citizens’ Assembly as part of the consultation process.

Community members helped shape the development of a Citizens’ Assembly through two winter 2014 workshops and an online questionnaire on how a citizens’ assembly might work in Grandview-Woodland. Read the results of these consultations (pdf).

Find out about the resulting Mandate of the Assembly.

Get the Final Report


(High Resolution)

The Grandview-Woodland Citizens’ Assembly put local residents at the centre of the community planning process. Forty-eight randomly selected local residents and business owners met eleven times over nine months to learn, listen and put forward their recommendations concerning the future of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood. Download their final report here.